Garage Door Repair Saint Louis Park

About Us - Garage Door Repair Saint Louis Park

About Us - Garage Door Repair Saint Louis Park

Able to provide adequate installation services, our specialists will make sure that your garage doors will be in perfect shape. Our company offers top of the line services for garage door repairs in Minnesota. As part of our service, we offer installations of new and worn out parts.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
Address: Minnetonka Blvd
Saint Louis Park, Minnesota
Zip code: 55416
Phone: 952-300-9328

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
You have absolutely no reason to panic during an emergency garage-door situation, our service has your back!

Life can be wonderful if you can keep control of certain things. When it comes to garage systems, Garage Door Repair Saint Louis Park promises to keep control of them. Don't you want a company that can install your new overhead door properly? Don't you want a company that will be there when you are in need of urgent repair services? The list of what people who own garage doors might need can be very long. We can assure you of two things:

About our company in Minnesota

a. Anything you want is manageable by us. We provide full services and that means that we are capable of fixing any problem with any door and opener and also install and replace all doors and garage door parts

b. When you work with us on a permanent basis, this list will be tiny. Thanks to the excellent way with which we conduct garage door maintenance problems disappear and hardly bother you again

Need to reach our company? Call us at 952-300-9328

The best team for garage door replacement

There are only benefits when you trust our company for services. From the installation of your new roll up garage door to its service and repairs, we are the best. We can be useful from the moment you conceive the idea to replace your current door. Who will you need more close to you when searching for a new door and need to make such significant decisions? We assure you that our staff will be ideal.

* Do you want to know more about insulated doors? We can help you out. We can tell you about insulation materials, help you decide which r-value will be best for you, explain whether parts can be recycled and what materials will be best!

* Are you uncertain about your choice and need an expert opinion? We are glad to offer ours. We like to check your environment in the garage, discuss with our clients and see what materials and door types will be optimum each time.

* Do you want help in picking the right electric operators? We won't merely give you directions, explain the capacities of new openers and their accessories, but we will also order both opener and clicker for you from the manufacturer of your own preference!

We can be helpful every day of your life! Do you want to know what happened to one of our clients recently? Check out this story:

Suddenly the garage door opened on its own. Nobody was outside and so I murmured “oh, remote problems”. I turned to go and froze when I realized that the door kept moving up and down. I called Garage Door Repair Saint Louis Park at once. While the technician was there my husband walked in all proud and joyful: “Did you see how I moved the door from the office? I told you it would be a good idea to get the Liftmaster gateway device!!!” “Oh, okay” the technician laughed but I wasn't laughing at all. “Yes, yes great idea” I murmured thinking: at least you could have told me about it before I ridiculed myself to the technician who had come so fast for assistance!

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