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Want garage door safety? Time to read the following safety tips to be sure of your actions

There is no such thing as a temporary quick fix for door tracks

If your garage door tracks or springs have become defective, our troubleshooting specialists suggest having them immediately subjected to a proper garage door repair. Broken tracks cannot be temporarily held in place by any makeshift device. Likewise, there are no quick substitutes for broken springs that can be easily found in a household.

Entrust garage door tune-up to experts if you are unsure of it

Don’t run the risk of accidents by doing your own garage door maintenance or tune-up when you barely have any knowledge on how to properly do it. If you can’t even identify the basic parts of the door itself, it’s unlikely for you to be acquainted with the garage door operator and the safety features that it should have.

Be careful with the torsion springs

Our garage door repair experts want to remind all homeowners and property managers that torsion springs could be dangerous to handle. The tension built up in the springs of roll-up garage doors in particular, can cause serious accidents. Special tools and the right troubleshooting know-how are required in handling such risky door parts.

If the door is stuck it could be due to a misaligned track

A misaligned or badly dent track could get your garage door stuck halfway. In some cases, the door might even get off the track. If you see that your tracks are dented in any way, call a professional. Most dented tracks can be fixed, but the badly dented ones need to be replaced.

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