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Go through our extensive list of frequently asked questions to find out more about various garage door issues that we often get from customers. You might have the same garage door questions and you will find the answers on the comprehensive compilation below directly from the experts in the industry.

My headroom is not enough for the garage door to be installed?

Our expert technician says there is something you can still do about this. There are garage doors designed for low headroom, and you can opt for these kits. Both extension and torsion garage door springs can be reduced to 4 and a half inches.

What does a sideroom mean?

The sideroom is simply the measurement from the sides of the garage door opening to the nearest obstruction or wall. Standard springs, both tension and extension, allow 3 to ¾ inches sideroom on either side of the garage door. On the other hand, EZ-SET extension springs require 5 and ½-inch sideroom.

Can garage doors run without tracks?

Our garage door specialists say that you can find trackless doors, meaning they operate without tracks, saving you space and the need to buy some parts. However, garage door tracks offer benefit for they are responsible for the door’s smooth transition from opening to closing.

How do I program a garage door remote?

A remote control specifically designed for your garage door entails simple programming procedure. Our technicians say that you simply have to press, hold and then release the buttons in a specified pattern. This pattern is written in the manual, but if you find difficulty doing it, we can help you.

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