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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Recommended aluminum frames for insulation

We couldn't replace the existing garage door just yet but the problem with our garage door windows was unbearable. We thought to have them replaced, and were referred to your company for assistance. The technician told us that there was no need to replace the entire window glass panel if we were planning to replace the door in a year or so. He recommended that we would only replace the frames. They were made of wood and that's why they became worn so quickly. He suggested aluminum frames for higher insulation. We loved the service and honesty.

Suggested top insulated garage doors

We were going to spend some money on new garage doors and so we thought to be smart and give greater meaning to our purchase. We thought of getting insulated garage doors since we have heard so much about their benefits, but we wanted someone experienced to help us out. One of our friends recommended Saint Louis Park Garage Door Repair. The staff was fantastic. They told us everything about the meaning of r-value and different materials. We thought our money was spent properly. We were also very pleased with the installation of the new overhead garage door. This company is great!

Hinges replaced the same day

The technicians of Garage Door Repair Saint Louis Park were in our home replacing the rollers when they realized that the hinges were not in their best condition either. They gave us an option. We could have them replaced that same day or later. The difference was that they had to come and do a similar job as they did that day and we would have to pay for it. So, we told them to change them along with the garage door rollers. We liked that they gave us options and told us the pros and cons of each decision. They were very professional.

The best maintenance service ever

It had been a while since I had called a technician to maintain my overhead door and since I didn't want to start dealing with problems, I called Garage Door Repair Saint Louis Park. This company is a blessing because the technicians do such a good job, they help you forget about garage door problems but you forget so much you hardly remember to call back for garage door maintenance. The garage door service was excellent as usual, the technician was awesome more than ever and I also liked that he informed me about the latest opener accessories.

Great opener service technical team

We just needed someone to check our garage door opener. We called your company to make an appointment, and we were thrilled to see two technicians arriving on time. They worked so fast, it was surprising. The amazing thing was that they were extremely meticulous and that's what was important to us. They checked every inch of the opener, checked the force and made some adjustments from the unit of the door opener. They were focused and we also liked that. The whole service was great and we appreciated it! Above all, we loved the professionalism of the company and of the technicians.

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